24 September 2011

DJ Loa

Love DMP too JEMY0526 =)

DJ Loa - Loiloi Mai Pe

Support all DJ'S!

DMP Remix

Agree with BACKBLAZE213 DJ Petu definitely is one of the best Tongan DJ's.

DJ Jone - One & Only Remix


22 September 2011


Not a problem MADEINKNKY that's what I'm here for =)

Good evening guys! Terribly sorry for not updating as often as I'd like to. I've been stuck into the books, as the year is closing in to an end & exams are not too far away but I won't let you guys down. I do have another load of underground R&B for you all to enjoy. Enough of rambling on, let's get stuck into the hot tracks shall we? Turn your speakers/headphones up yo!

Jib - Not Waitin' 4 Ur Luv (I Don't Care)
Eric Benet - Real Love (Smooth!)
Claude Kelly - 10 Feet Tall
Flo Rida & J Randell - Na Na Na
Manny Delvalle - Like Yesterday
Adonis - Nearest Exit
Bei Maejor - Till We Get It Right
Atozzio - I Quit
Claude - Nobody
Dave - So Empty
Unknown - Dumb
Faydee - Mistakes
Unknown - It's Ok
Wejeileh - In Love Again
Vic De Leon - All I Need


10 September 2011

RWC Fever

Fonts used in recent videos are Lightman & Made In China.

Good afternoon guys! Well, what a week it has been. The build up for the World Cup has been incredible & what an amazing opening match last night. Although my home country (Tonga) couldn't withhold the All Black's, I'm still proud of the boys uplift performance in the second half. Good luck to all countries competing in this years Rugby World Cup - I'm sure this year is going to be a big year for the South Pacific teams!

2011 Tongan 'Ikale Tahi Squad

Let's get into the music shall we? More undercover R&B? I think so - here's another R&B package. Enjoy folks!

Audio Push ft. Mishon - Radio
TC - Best
Brandon Santell - Taken Away
Khalil - Ice Cream

Peter Rose - I'm A Dreamer
Nesh - Priceless Girl
Corey Chorus - Read My Lips
Joey Lawrence - For You
Brandon Santell - Taken Away
Travis Garland - Nightmare
Jeremy Greene - Just A Phase
JP Castillo - Learn To Let Go


3 September 2011

Nobody Can Stop It

Let's give it up for all the DJ's out there like MOLAYKNIGHT here!

How have you all been? I do have another load of more R&B but I have to mention the news of the week. If you haven't yet heard the great news, Beyonce` is pregnant! If her & Jay Z's child lacks talent in the music industry, I wouldn't know what to do lol but I wish them all the best. Alright, enough jibber jabber, let's get to it shall we?

August - Off The Market (Must Have!)
Brownie - Deep Breath
Corey Latif Williams - Crazy Love
Kevin Ross - Goddess

Chantonique - Eyes Closed
Matt Palmer - Back In Time
J Lewis - Better Alone
Lady V - Love Speaks (When You Listen)