27 August 2011

On A Brighter Note

Totally agree with you TAUTAUMALEFO.

G'day guys - hope you've all been well. It has been a rough couple of days for the Polynesian community, not only in Australia & for the families who have recently lost their loved ones but also for those overseas & those who didn't personally know the families but it always hits home, to hear about such tragic events occur to our fellow brothers & sisters. It really does open your eyes, to cherish your loved ones - no one knows what God has planned for us & all can be taken away in a split second. Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you cause when it comes down to it, 3 simple words can express so much 'I love you'. My intentions are not to darken the mood, but more or likely to enlighten the importance of love for your friends & family. 

'In company with Christ,  
Who died & now lives,  
may they rejoice in Your kingdom,  
where all our tears are wiped away.  
Unite us together again in one family,  
to sing Your praise forever & ever. 

I will end off on a brighter note, with a few R&B tracks. 

Frank Ocean - Try
Matt Hunter - Beautiful
David Correy - Run The Night
D Yeager - Running From Reality
Sam Salter ft. Claude Kelly - What Do You Do
Taj Jackson - Don't Let Me Go

Click the play button to preview the track.


21 August 2011

A Thing Or Two

Thank you guys so much - it's a privilege to keep you guys entertained. Thanks KOINADI!

Happy Sabbath everyone! Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend - it's a beautiful day here in Melbourne, Australia. There were a few tracks I forgot to add in, along with the post below so here they are. Enjoy - you will not be disappointed GUARANTEED!

DC Yeager - The Same

Preview the track here!

August - Redline

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20 August 2011

Turn It Up Yo Turn It Up

Lloyd - Superhero

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