28 December 2011


Hey guys! Hope you all had a safe & blessed Christmas. I'm back from my trip overseas. Good news! I've brought back new Tongan tracks from the motherland. Bare with me as I'll try to upload the tracks onto YouTube as soon as possible. Other than that, enjoy your holidays & stay tuned for more tracks!

6 December 2011

Season Greetings

First & foremost, I'd like to acknowledge what an incredible year it has been! I thank God for the many blessings He has given me. I also thank you all for being the awesome fans that you are - for subscribing to the MATAIFO49 YouTube channel as well as to those who have followed this blog & not forgetting the artists & their constant determination to keep their fans in awe with their God-gifted talents. So a huge thank you goes out to each & every single one of you!

I also wish you all a very blessed & safe Christmas & a Happy New Year as this post will be the very last post of the year 2011 *tear. I apologize for the inconvenience in my inability to post throughout the month but I do hope you all have a festive holiday with your loved ones & celebrate joyfully the birth of our Saviour! God bless & I'll be sure to keep up to par next year - see you all in 2012! Happy Holidays everyone - 'ofa atu!


4 December 2011

Christmas Season

Here's an R&B track to get you all into the holiday spirit. Check it out!

Aaron Camper - A Special

1 December 2011


This R&B track is one my favourites, so I thought I'd share it with you all!

D Yeager - Closer