24 November 2011

MATAIFO49 Favourites

Here's a few of my all time favourite tracks - check them out!

Shontelle - Battle Cry

Chris Holloway - Mercury

Rico Love - The Love You Give

August Rigo - Off The Market

D Yeager - Closer

Jackie Boyz - Everyday

Robyn - Hang With Me (Avicii Remix) (Old but Gold)

What do you think of these tracks? I want to read your thoughts, so leave a comment below - you don't need a Google account to comment, guests are welcome to post as anonymous. For more music, click 'Older Posts' at the bottom of the page. For new MATAIFO49 visitors, welcome! You're more than welcome to glance around the blog. Other than that, hope you all have an incredible day! 

14 November 2011

November Package

G'day guys! Hope you've all been well. Firstly, I'd like to once again thank you guys for supporting the MATAIFO49 YouTube channel & this blog. You've all been nothing but kind, so hats off to you all! I'd like to update you all with the YouTube insight summary. The top 10 countries which view the MATAIFO49 channel are as follows starting from top spot with the United States. Second, Australia. Third & so on, New Zealand, New Caledonia, France, Guam, United Kingdom, Micronesia, Germany & in 10th place, Canada. It's awesome to witness the range of diversity in which the channel branches out to, so thank you all!

Claude - If It Takes All Night

Taj Jackson - Happening
Armand Childs - Lucky I Am
Lil Eddie - Scars
D Yeager - Glow
Roshawn Lyles - Screaming
Claude Kelly - Put That On Me
Unknown - Till The End Of The World

9 November 2011

Signal Productions Cultural Apparel

MATAIFO49 would like to present to you the latest island clothing line
Signal Productions - Cultural Apparel
(Click above to visit website)

Signal Production is an island clothing line, established by a mate of mine, Ui Langi & his wife Angel. Select your choice of specially designed clothing, ranging from ladies tees to mens hoodies. Want to custom design your own tee? Signal Productions does it all, so order online now!